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If the plug in for your laptop power cord into your laptop wiggles, or seems lose, you may have to get a Laptop Dc Jack Repair. The part for this goes into your laptop motherboard, and more than likely will be replaced with no problems. If you attempt this work yourself, make sure you know exactly what you are doing, and what is involved before you attempt it. If your laptop is still under warranty, call the laptop manufacturer to find out what you should do first.

A Laptop Dc Jack Repair involves opening the laptop case and working directly on the laptop motherboard where the power cord plugs into the laptop. Many repair places where you can take your laptop know just what is involved with a Laptop Dc Jack Repair, and should be able to to fix yours quickly. Oftentimes the laptop DC Jack can become damaged by pulling or jerking on the cord when unplugging it from the laptop. Removing your power cord gently can keep this from happening.

A Laptop Dc Jack Repair may require special tools or knowledge, so you may or may not be able to do this yourself unless you know how. Searching on line for "Laptop Dc Jack Repair" will bring up further information about the jack itself, and who carries them. Knowing your laptop's make and model information will assure that the correct jack is found for you.

A Laptop Dc Jack Repair may not cost a lot part wise, but, may involve special tools, and a technician. Repairing this yourself with no knowledge of how or what to do, and opening the laptop case may void your laptop warranty. Make sure that this is or is not covered in your warranty before beginning.

Asking a technician about what is involved and the cost of a Laptop Dc Jack Repair beforehand may decide it for you on who or who not to get to repair it. Shop around and get the best price if you can. If your laptop is still under warranty, and the Laptop DC Jack needs repair, it may be covered.

Attempting to do a Laptop Dc Jack Repair yourself may be possible if you have the right parts, tools, and proper information on what to do beforehand.

A Broken power jack can involve a loose connection, the need to wiggle to connect, no power, works with battery but doesn't work with ac adapter. If any of these sound familiar, a Laptop DC Jack Repair may be the thing for you.



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