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You come home from a day at work, sit at your desk in front of your laptop, and what do you know, the display is all messy. You are not sure what is wrong with it, but, its a less than one year old laptop, so, you call the computer manufacturer.

While waiting on the phone, you surf on your wife's computer and find out that it might be the laptop backlight. Many sites out there will tell you how to replace and repair laptop backlights and monitors.

How To Repair Laptop Backlight: this part can run about 10.00 but, a lot of service places charge more for labor and time. If your computer is under warranty, just contact the manufacturer, and you should be fine. You might be lucky, and its an easy fix, or maybe a driver. If it really is the backlight, you should definitely take it to a repairman instead of doing it yourself, if you are not sure. Some laptop screens can not be repaired since they are not meant to be opened, and opening them will be the end of that screen.

If you were to type in "How To Repair Laptop Backlight" in a search engine, you would find many sites that come up and can fix them, or they can tell you how to fix them yourself with the correct parts.

A lot of these sites will give you step by step tips on repairing and replacing the laptop's backlight.

However, if your laptop is still under warranty, you should contact the computer's manufacturer, or the store you bought it at on what to do next to get your laptop replaced, or repaired, depending on when the laptop was bought. Sometimes have an extended warranty can be well worth it, as I have had my own monitor go out 3 days after the warranty expired. All I could do was go out and buy a new one.

Looking up How To Repair Laptop Backlight, or how to send your computer off to be repaired can be beneficial instead of replacing the whole thing, depending our your type and model, and how old it is to begin with.

However, if your laptop is several years old already, repairing the laptop's backlight may not be the right thing to do. The decision would involve weighing how much the repair and how much the replacement would cost over the current value of the laptop which would have depreciated quite a bit after several years.


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